About Us

We Believe…

The Bible teaches that life can’t be understood or enjoyed until our broken relationship with God is restored by submitting to his Son, Jesus Christ, as Lord and Saviour.
God has spoken to us in the Bible. He tells us that we have rebelled against Him and for this we deserve his punishment for eternity. In his mercy God sent his Son into our world as a man. He was put to death when he was crucified on a Roman cross to take upon himself the punishment that we deserve for our rebellion. Jesus rose from the dead three days later. God now offers forgiveness to everyone who recognises their rebellion against Him and submits to Jesus as Lord and Saviour.
One day Jesus will return to this world and will judge everybody according to their response to him.
Our understanding of the Bible is set out in our doctrinal statement, The Westminster Confession of Faith.

How We Are Organised …

Our church is led by a team of elders. The secretary of the elders is known as the Session Clerk. The elders are responsible for the spiritual leadership and oversight of the congregation. Our ministers are part of the eldership and have special responsibilities in teaching people the Bible.

Our property and finances are managed by a team of people known as the Committee of Management.

Our Sunday Service consists of…


We enjoy singing a mixture of contemporary songs and classic hymns that help God’s word get into our hearts. Our music team aims is to make singing as easy and enjoyable as possible so the whole congregation can join in. We consider singing an act of praise and worship towards our Lord and Saviour.

Bible Reading.

Since hearing God’s word is at the heart of why we gather, we always take time to read from God’s word.


God invites us to talk to Him, giving thanks, saying sorry for our failures and telling Him about our concerns and needs. During our services prayers will be said from the front and the congregation joins in silently in their hearts.

Children’s talk and Sermon.

The exegesis and proclamation of God’s Word and the Gospel to both our children and adults is vital to our growth as Christians and for our daily walk with the Lord.

Other.  Our Church is fitted with a hearing loop and fully heated for winter.